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If only dreams came true

fefferman community for the misha barton mood icons!!
______lemonkiss for the spice girl icons!

I felt like deleting my bio hahaha

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Drea is fricking awesome. She has such a unique personality. She somehow manges to get everyone in the right mood. Shes sweet, playful and young at heart. In the past she has been known as AngelQueen or Yupzers.
Strengths: Always willing to help out and friend, and be there 24/7. She is ALWAYS on top of things and makes sure things always get done. In other words, she gets the job done ;)
Weaknesses: Once in love its hard for her to fall out.. Love is a weakness since she would do anything for her lover. She gets annoyed WAY to easily and when you are on her bad side you must steer clear or you will not come out alive.
Special Skills: She will never crack, no matter what is thrown at her feet.
Weapons: Her thoughts are lethal.
Motto: Do unto others as you wish to be done unto yourself. All is well.

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